October 11, 2016: A lot of moving around…

Once again, I’m looking for new avenues to post my humble artwork in a platform that is both aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate; which means moving a lot of shit around from other sites (i.e. Tumblr and Blogger, which I’ve used in the past). My DeviantART page — which you can visit here — will remain up (which I certainly won’t complain if you follow me there, too; but I’ll be mostly posting everything new here from now on).

But isn’t a lot of this here your older stuff? Aren’t you gonna post some new artwork, soon?

Yes, and I hope so. My art is my hobby. Unfortunately, it’s also competing with other priorities in my life. That said, now that several obstacles have been removed, I should be able to dedicate some more time to committing to more artwork.